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Midwest Training

Police Instructor Class – August 3-7/10-14/ 17-24 – Troy, MI

Police Instructor Class

MCOLES CERTIFIED: Must be a sworn certified law enforcement officer, employed by a law enforcement agency.


  • $1795 With Rental

Training Course Information

  • Nomenclature of Motorcycle
  • Mounting/Dismounting of Motorcycle
  • Formation riding
  • 90 Degree pull outs
  • On street riding
  • Advanced lock and lean
  • Basic maintenance
    This list is not exhaustive. Please contact the tutor for more information.


  • A DOT or Snell approved helmet
  • A heavy leather riding coat/jacket
  • Black boots that cover the ankle
  • A rain suit (top and bottom)
  • Full finger gloves
  • Eye protection (shatter proof)
  • BDU tactical pants
  • A plain solid color (blue, black, tan or white) long sleeve shirt without advertisement or graffiti.

Training Course Tutor

Midwest Police Motorcycle Training inc was established in 2008. They provide motorcycle training for police and civilian riders worldwide. Offering a core curriculum founded in the late 90’s which has evolved to meet the changing requirements & motorcycle technology. Ideal for real life riding conditions.

Contact Details

Name: Kathy
Telephone: 248 855 4444